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Planning your destination event has never been easier!

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Planning your destination event has never been easier! Our expert planners at our travel agency have experienced it all. Here are some useful tips to make your destination event magical.

Who doesn't want to pronounce their love on a sandy beach with a gorgeous sunset, or high in the mountains with a perfectly serene landscape of white snow? Besides the aesthetic appeal, destination weddings can also be more affordable than a wedding with three hundred of your closest friends and family. Many couples who have had a destination wedding tout being able to pamper and indulge their guests - it is truly an intimate experience.

Whatever your reason for choosing a destination event, look over these tips and frequently asked questions to ensure the perfect wedding day for you and your loved ones.

Receive your discount.

Most hotels and resorts have discounted rates for you and your wedding guests when you are holding your destination wedding at their venue. They are very interested in having your and your guests' business and should not be charging you full price for the event.

Consider your guests.

Your friends and family want to see you get married and are willing to travel to be there, but remember, they will be less likely to come if it will cost them a few thousand dollars for a weekend. Besides negotiating lower prices for the accommodations, ask about receiving lower rates on airfare.

Be aware of international legalities.

If you are planning on having your destination wedding in another country, be aware of legal requirements. Many international destinations have marriage fees and residency requirements. Speak with one of our Eau Claire travel agents to get all the details on requirements for your destination wedding.

Plan for wedding gifts.

Although many couples consider their friends and family traveling to a far-away destination for their wedding a gift, some guests may still want to get the newlyweds a more traditional wedding present. Make arrangements ahead of time to have someone bring the gifts back home so you can have a carefree honeymoon.

Do a test run.

Take a trip down to the destination for your wedding in advance to scout out vendors, activities, and accommodations. Make it as easy as possible for your guests to find a place to stay and to get around in the enchanting locale of your choice.

Plan to relax.

After all the stress of planning your destination wedding, you'll need some time to rest. Set aside the first day for relaxation and enjoying each others company.Pack wisely.Plan ahead in case your bag is lost. Pack some of his clothes in her bag and vice versa. Carry all valuables (including cameras and jewelry) with you. Consider including sunglasses, prescriptions, and all your itinerary documents with you, too, in case you have to wait for your room.

Consider your activities.

Whether you are interested in laying on the beach, playing a round of golf, or exploring the local culture, try to find activities that you both enjoy and that you can do together. Remember, this is a trip celebrating you and your spouse!


Encourage yourselves to take as many pictures as you can…you'll be happy you did!

How far in advance should I plan my destination wedding?

When you start planning your destination wedding depends on where you would like to go and how many people you would like to invite. For a traditional wedding, one to two months is acceptable notice for your guests. However with a destination wedding, the invitations should be sent out four to six months in advance to allow your guests time to make travel arrangements, properly budget, and ensure they are able to make hotel reservations.

How do I get my wedding dress to our destination safely?

Our experienced destination wedding coordinator can help you make arrangements to have your wedding gown sent safely to your location. If you are flying to your wedding destination, ask the airline if you can store your dress in the first-class "coat closet" for travel. If your flight does not have a first-class area, we recommend you pack your dress carefully in tissue and have it shipped to your destination. No matter what method you choose to transport your gown, look into having your wedding gown pressed when you arrive.

Do airlines offer group discount rates for destination weddings?

You're in luck! Many major airlines offer wedding travel discounts or group travel discounts. American Airlines, Delta, and America West all offer lower prices for you and your guests!

What documentation do we need for our destination wedding?

Before you rush off to Antigua on a whim to get married, make sure you have all the proper documentation and are aware of foreign residency policies. Be sure that you have your birth certificate, a valid ten year passport, and an affidavit/statutory declaration confirming your single status. Each country has its own rules about residency so be sure to check with your travel agent to make sure you are in compliance with all foreign policies.

Is it appropriate to e-mail my save-the-dates for a destination wedding?

If everyone on your guest list has e-mail and checks it regularly, go ahead, but keep in mind that that means foregoing tangible save-the-dates that provide a long lasting remembrance.

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